Crown & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are all-porcelain, all gold, or porcelain fused to metal restorations that encompass and protect any tooth structure remaining above the gums like a cap.  We can use crowns to correct a variety of challenges you may have with your teeth.  Tooth crowns are used to restore and strengthen teeth that have been damaged and cannot be corrected with white fillings.  Dental bridges are similar and are used to correct gaps in smiles caused by missing teeth.

Spring Valley Dental uses all-porcelain teeth crowns and dental bridges as much as possible so that your restored teeth match the rest of your natural teeth as closely as possible. Porcelain is excellent for a more natural appearance because it is not only color-matched to blend in but it is also translucent allowing light through, similar to your natural teeth.  The technology for porcelain restorations continues to improve each year, and we see more natural-looking, stronger crowns and bridges as a result.



tooth crown During your dental crown procedure, we will determine which teeth are damaged or decayed. In order for the crown to be placed your doctor will have to remove the damage, decay and some of your natural tooth tissue.  Generally the amount is small, typically 1-2 millimeters to provide for a strong restoration that feels natural to the tongue, lips and cheeks.

Once your tooth is prepared, your doctor will take a mould of the tooth so that your custom-made crown can be created. You will then return in a few weeks to have a beautiful, natural-looking and feeling permanent crown. 

After the mould has been taken, we will place a temporary crown on your tooth to protect it and allow you to function normally while the permanent crown is being created.  When the permanent crown arrives from the dental lab, you will return to the office where your new crown will be bonded to your tooth.



Dental Bridges and Teeth Crowns

Dental bridges are used to fill the space created when you lose a tooth. Dental bridges are a treatment that has been around for many years.  It is one solution to restore your smile, bite and chewing capabilities and also prevents other teeth from drifting out of place into the gap of the missing tooth.  When possible a dental implant is the preferred method to replace one or more missing teeth since implants do not involve taking away healthy natural tooth structure from teeth adjacent to the missing tooth.

A dental bridge is place on the teeth or implants on either side of the gap created by the missing tooth. In order for a dental bridge to be placed, your doctor will shape the neighboring teeth or implants so that they can support the bridge.

Once the teeth have been reshaped we will make an impression of the entire area. This impression will be sent to a dental lab that will create your permanent bridge. While the permanent bridge is being created we will place a temporary bridge on the abutment teeth to maintain the positions of the teeth and allow normal function and esthetics. 

When the permanent porcelain bridge returns from the dental lab, you will return to our office so your doctor can cement or bond the dental bridge in place.

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If you have a decayed or damaged tooth that you would like to correct with a dental crown, or a missing tooth you would like to correct with a dental bridge, contact our office to schedule your initial consultation.